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Linear Actuator

Linear Actuator overview

Lnear actuator is a device which actuates (or 'moves') in a linear (or 'straight') fashion. It consist of AC or DC motor , series of gears , lead screw and limit switchs.

In linear actuator linear motion is developed by using a screw ball screw or Lead-scew. When screw is rotated using motor it moves a nut on the screw up and down. This is what creates the linear motion. Actuators are available in different strokes and force.

To make the shaft stop when it gets to the end of the stroke the Actuators have built in limit switches or micro switches. These limit switches are inside the main actuator shaft and is a small switch that toggles when nut slides up or down the screw.

Once the limit is reached on either end of stoke the switch is triggered and cuts power to motor. To move it in oppsite direction polarity is reversed.Without any power the actuator cannot move at all.

Linear Actuator advantages

A linear actuator has a long lifetime with little or no maintenance at all. This ensures a very low total operating cost compared to other systems.

Linear actuator systems are quiet, clean, non-toxic and energy efficient. They fulfill the ever increasing demands and legislation concerning environmentally sound equipment.

Linear Actuator Applications

  • Automation equipment
  • Door and window drives
  • Movable furniture
  • Aerial tracking
  • Wheel chairs
  • Hospital beds
  • Entertainment equipment
  • Adjustable office furniture
  • Home care furniture and appliance
  • Patient lift
  • Treatment tables
  • Visitor flow control
  • Ventilation flaps
  • Sun protection
  • Rehabilition equipment
  • Motor home equipment

Selection of Hiwin Linear Actuator series