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Linear Guideways

Linear Guide overview

Linear Guides are a block and rail system that helps support the motion of an application.

How linear Guides Work

There are two parts to the Linear Guide System: the Linear Block and the Linear Rail. The linear block moves along the linear rail along the plane the rail is positioned for. The block moves forward and backward along the straight linear rail. Linear blocks connect to the moving components by mounting to the block to support the motion for the specified component. The motion is created along the rail through recirculating ball bearings within the block that is contacted on the rail.

Basic Types of Linear Guides

Two basic types of linear guides are predominantly used in industry today. These types are: sliding contact linear motion bearing and rolling element linear motion bearing guides. The main distinction between the two is how the motion of the linear block occurs along the linear rail.

Applications of Linear Guideways

High precision applications use linear guides because of it's high accuracy and precision capabilities. Moving a machine table in either the X or Y direction can be done using linear guideways. Positioning applications used linear guideways. Linear guideways can handle speed changes and rise in temprature so used in machine tools. Linear guideways are used to transport heavy load with ease. Linear guideways are used in pick and place applications.

Linear guideways in machine tools

Linear guideways in Transporting systems

Linear guideways in Measurement apparatuses

Linear guideways in Pick and place applications

Linear guideways in positioning systems

Advantages of Linear guideways

  • High positional accuracy
  • Long life with highly accurate motion
  • High speed motion is possible with a low driving force
  • Equal loading capacity in all directions.
  • Easy installation.

Selection of Hiwin linear motion guideway Series

  • HG series-Grinding, milling and drilling machine, lathe, machine center.
  • EG series–Automatic equipment, high speed transfer device, semiconductor equipment, wood cutting machine, precision measure equipment.
  • QE/QH series-precision measure equipment, semiconductor equipment, Automatic equipment, laser marking machine, can be widely applied in high-tech industry required high speed, low noise, low dust generation.
  • WE series-Automatic device, transportation device, precision measure equipment, semiconductor equipment, blow moulding
  • machine, single axis robot-robotics.
  • MGN/MGW series-Miniature device, semicondctor equipment, medical equipment.
  • RG series-CNC machining centres,heavy duty cutting machines, CNC grinding machines, injection moulding machines, electric discharge machines, wire cutting machines, plano millers.